by Calvin Martyr

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Martyrism is living a life of sacrifice. As Christians we are called to bear our cross daily. In Christendom today, many people are uncomfortable with the idea of persecution or hardship as a Christian. Jesus promised this. The signs of the times point towards the persecution of the early church returning in full force...and it is already happening. In living a life of Martyrism, it is a mindset that says "I will live for Christ unashamedly, no matter what."


released March 11, 2014

Recorded x Mixed by: Calvin Martyr

"Blood Sweat Tears" Recorded x Mixed by: Myrage (KB Media)

Mastered by: Timothy "G-Status" Stephens

Produced by: Jungle, Flawless Tracks, Myke J Beatz, Digital Beatz, and 5 Star Beatz


all rights reserved



Calvin Martyr Killeen, Texas

An artist unafraid to say what you are thinking. I am WE. YHWH is my God.

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Track Name: War Of The Mind
Free your mind from its mental imprisonment/
If you dead up in yo head then yo death is so imminent/
Similac music, feed tube speaker/
Think like Hitler, speak like a preacher/
Hope that I reach ya, renovate ya mindset/
A strong mind is like the Big Ivan bomb set/
Cause a rector scale that oscillates in hell/
I bear fruit, this is show and tell/
It's a warfare boy are you strong or you weak?/
All the in between, fence riding people get beat/
I get hungry by the second so I'm steady tryna eat/
And all my enemies looking like high-quality meat/
If you weak minded, you are enslaved to ya own/
A prisoner of war, like gladiators in Rome/
What I'm talking bout is spiritual, Romans 7:23/
I trend set gospel, you are just a mini me/
You ain't even kin to me, even though you claim to be/
I prolly am a fame to be, but I don't even wanna be/
Humbly I come to thee, emptying my entity/
Running to the Lord like 50 million centipedes/
Right about now the Holy Spirit is drenching me/
I'm in it just to win it, it really ain't no defending me/
Gather up the people like them folk be at them lynchings/
It breaks my heart to see my people dancing wit the enemy/
Tap into the power to change, get off complain lane/
Wasting time puffing strange thangs/
I used to do them same strange thangs/
Till my mind broke free, now I speak un-mundane/
I am not of this world, subatomic/
Getting stronger every day, anabolic/
I'm a strong cold stare, even in a frolic/
Steal yo soul for the Lord, Ben Roeth it/
Corner pocket pool ball, in a pool hall/
Lenny Kravitz to a beginner is how I school y'all/
Really ain't no fun to be ignorant, that ain't kool y'all/
Pick up ya Bible and start reading before you do fall/
I bet you thought you were kool up in the mall Paul/
Right until you got Pierced, made yo faith fall/
But you gotta take hold of ya fortitude/
Make em think that you done turned into another dude/
Now let me get back on my beast mode, cheat code/
Up Up right left, easy as a free throw/
Never use ink, I just speak what I think/
So the thoughts that I speak, never ever get leaked/
On the brink of a debased mind like a meth head/
Pride in my mind all the time, that's a death bed/
Man I'm so tired of these chains/
All I know is things gotta change

Track Name: Journey ft. Matthew Rischer x Conscience
Un, walking life in my bare feet/
Faith in the fire cuz the fire will prepare me/
Burn off the dross now that loss repaired me/
O to behold the unity of a pair three/
Never scared, young David to a bear/
A lion, and if I'm lying tell Delilah cut my hair/
My bias is to be pious, but they say that isn't fair/
Now it's death in my breath, and vanity in the air/
Mayne I'm, suffocating, no longer abdicating/
Cuz my silence is a non violent co-sign wit Satan/
And I'm, tired of faking, yea I'm, tired of waiting/
Gun tongue full of love, I'm aiming it all at hatred/
Know they don't wanna play this, you don't know what my aim is/
Light a torch, I'm giving new freedom to all the brainless/
They will never contain this, cuz I won't fear/
Nobody who kills the body, my Father commands the angels

I'm on this journey
And I cant quit though it hurts me
And I may not be deserving
But My Father has made me worthy
For this journey

Feel like, Martin in 63, Malcolm in 65/
Black Kennedy, top down when I'm in my ride/
While they aiming for my head, look em in the eyes/
Yea they crucified my Lord, this is no surprise/
Grace in this race in the face of disgrace/
No setting pace, running like a slave to a place/
Where I see my face, and a whole liberated race/
Murdering the racism, more assimilation/
I will not conform to the norm, in my unborn form/
I was formed to reform, so I light it up/
Mayne I see change in my range, yea it may seem strange/
Cuz you never seen rain, watch me float by/
There has never been a revolution with no visionary/
People die for the lack of sight like a blind flight/
Pilot, but I'm Ezekiel in the midst of hell/
Brightening of a lightning when the devil fell
Track Name: Deranged ft. Mr. OMG
You have now entered inside of my brain, I am no longer the same, you'll be the same/
Cuz padna I carry this flame, if you get close, ashes is all that remains/
I'm taking it der, already been der, I promise this isn't a game/
I'm only concerned about repping the name, new kinda animal can not be tamed/
He was crucified, then death died, that's superfly amen/
Now I'm free indeed, never willl believe that stupid lie again/
No more fear in me, ima speak the truth and I hope you take offense/
Cuz I'm Babe Ruth in the 9th inning, swinging for the fence/
This is what you call a spaz out, breakout from a madhouse/
I'm tired of all these actors, suburbs wit a trap house/
Real man who loves God and goes hard, I'm bout dat/
And I ain't gotta speak, see my back is where my cross at

They say that I'm deranged, I be acting kinda strange, but it's one thing I know they know fasho
They can talk about me, persecute me, still won't douse my flame, cuz from now until I take my last breath
Mayne I'm going in (I'm going in) I'm going in (I'm going in)
I'm going in (I'm going in) I'm going in (I'm going in)
Mayne I'm going in (I'm going in) I'm going in (I'm going in)
I'm going in (I'm going in), I REP THE NAME

[Verse 2]
Please believe me when I say, that I'm serious, and if you curious/
Yea I'm furious, they ain't hearing us, but that ends today/
Cuz I'm snapping off like an alligator in an elevator getting elevated/
I advise you, you'd be a wise dude if you just get outta my way/
Cuz I just let that truth bang, Jesus the true King/
Combat I'm out cher, Lou Cain and butane/
Call that a flamethrow, baptized now you slain/
Rise like a Phoenix, so clean that new mayne/
Suited up and booted up, dat red ink I'm all in/
All praise to Yahweh, there's no way I can't win/
Bang Bang on the front line, no punch line datz real rap/
Obama to Osama to yo mama they feel dat
Track Name: Work ft. Chill FBC
[Verse 1]
I serve a King that lived perfect, so working became my service/
But no working that I purpose could ever become deserving/
Shulda died like Ervin, I'm alive unnerving/
I'm high without herbin, in my mind I'm swerving/
So I grind till I'm literally suffocating for breath/
Christ's death was the atonement, I'm a product of the rest/
Not the best, hate my flesh, I can't sleep, I can't rest/
Internally I'm battling like cultural east west/
Keep my eye on grace till I see wit new vision/
That's the liberation and restoration we call redemption/
Condemnation is irrelevant, that's a heavenly pension/
Not saying just keep on sinning, I'm saying we always winning/
Like Mayweather in any weather we make it hurt/
Whole armor on, fiery darts, call it dessert/
In a power zone, demonic presence is getting murked/
Jesus said when He left, that we would do greater works/

When I wake up in the morning boy you know I'm bout dat work/
Hit my knees crack my Bible yea I'm bout to put in work/
James 2:17 yea I'm all about dat work/
Being scared ain't the reason I'm in church/
So we work work work, everyday we on a mission/
Mayne we work work work, yea we bout our Father's business/
Lay our life on the line, we dying if we lying/
We rep the Lion that's the reason we be grindin'/

[Verse 2]
We in the last of dayz, this a revelation praise/
Crazy is what they be calling me, insane's the way I play/
Cuz you gotta be a radical, believing the intangible/
Irrational when it comes to taking part in the faith/
No child's play homie, better be ready to die/
If my best life is now, what's a mansion in the sky/
That's fool gold, very sweet is the bread of a lie/
Christ said pick up ya cross, follow me and lose ya life/
Social martyr, I go harder, like a wolf in the wilderness/
Compassion is what I'm feeling for the children of ignorance/
Artificial intelligence is cultivating dependence/
Mayne freedom of the mind will get you a life sentence/
Don't come around here if you ain't really bout dat life/
In a room full of darkness, you can not hide the light/
That's the fruit of the spirit, we call it sunny delight/
The battle's already won, so this ain't really a fight
Track Name: Blood Sweat Tears
[Verse 1]
Long windy road when you're following your dreams/
Gotta learn to be a servant if you wanna be a King/
Haunted by the things that I'm seeing in my dreams/
Cuz the vivid imagery is a reality to me/
Now I'm feeling like my eyes lying and my days flying/
Crying in my closet, yea and I'm living but my soul dying/
These are the type of things make a cold iron seem/
Like the only way of peace to a young lion/
But I peep game, gotta maintain/
Keep my mind frame sane when I'm praying/
Destiny is the best of me steady pressing me in the fire/
To a diamond, that's a recipe/
Now I'm unbreakable, shining at the precipice/
Now I'm unshakable, concrete pair a cleats/
So complete, when I'm chilling with the Prince of Peace/
Shalom to the dome on my enemies

Blood, sweat, tears, I'm grinding/
Blood, sweat, tears, I'm grinding/
Blood, sweat, tears, I'm grinding/
Blood, sweat, tears, I'm grinding/
Fist in the air if you real and you grinding/
Handling ya business while you trusting God's timing/
When you see me best believe I'll be grinding/
Blood, sweat, tears, I'm grinding/

[Verse 2]
They don't understand, they don't see the plan/
They don't know I never move out the Father's hand/
Blood sweat and tears in the roots of the land/
I refuse to be rooted from my roots as a man/
Grinding so my son can be proud of his father/
Tryna fill the world full of love for my daughter/
Sanctify my wife with the truth of the light/
I promise I never need a reminder to go harder/
I am just a pen in the hand of an author/
Excalibur caliber, call me Arthur/
Double edge wedge on a deviled egg head/
No, I ain't spitting threats, I'm just telling you my posture/
4-1-2, on the kool, if I lost ya/
Hebrews, that's how he brews up the mantra/
Leave ya exposed like a red nose, then make it rain dear/
That's the steelo of my Father


Alpha and Omega my motivator I'm grinding/
Alpha and Omega my motivator I'm grinding/
Alpha and Omega my motivator I'm grinding/
Alpha and Omega my motivator I'm grinding/
Track Name: Greatness ft. Brandon Marcel
[Verse 1]
Greatness, the blood line of true King/
They be beefing on the scene, but they too lean/
And they act like they get it, but they too mean/
That's average, illustrate the meaning/
You ain't never made a knee bow, you ain't never eased clouds/
Quiet seas down till they seem loud/
Yea the silence of the truth is so outspoken/
Denial is a death that you can't cope with/
That's why we mix great with a dope hook/
Expose the hope crooks, show you how hope looks/
If I point you to the light then you'll find life/
If you really find life, then you found Christ

I'm broken, so broken, but you may never know it
I'm hated, His favorite, I thank God I'm a vessel for greatness

[Verse 2]
I'm so tired of these wack liars/
Little men with a pen on the track lying/
They don't care about the youth in the trap dying/
They don't care about the mama in the morgue crying/
Men claiming to be God, but they breath hate/
So eternal the inferno they will meet fate/
Every son, every daughter, every life that they slaughtered/
One day we gon be caught up on that great day/
Every tongue will give the glory to the true King/
And a true King is something that we never seen/
Any good I ever did was already done/
I'm just living for the 1, living for the son
Track Name: Beast Mode ft. Adrion Butler x Levallois
[Verse 1]
New mind new flow new attitude/
Tired of em coming at me sideways latitude/
I'll get at a dude, turn his beef into rabbit food/
Cuz I got a canon that they told me take outta school/
But it ain't no gun ban for this hot 66/
In an instance I quick stitch a sick spit/
And when it's lit that's ill fire, blue flame/
For the King who is the glory, and the glorifier/
Never tire, like umpire I call shots/
But that's backwards, I lack words for orthodox/
Like red socks on a crip walk, that dumb talk/
Like George Bush speaking publicly, that unsought/
I'm cast down, castaway on my Tom Hanks/
They say I'm stiff now, I guess my barz plank/
Lyrically I'm a shark in a shark tank/
Wit an ocean view, that's a harsh prank

Track Name: Wake Up
Wake up homie, that sleep will kill ya/
It's grind or die, that time will fly, life won't fulfill ya/
You gon learn today, better get to work/
You gon get this work, gon get this work, better wake up homie!

[Verse 1]
I been grinding I been pressing I been praying I been seeking and I'm really feeling like it's my time/
Ain't no devil ain't no demon aint no hata aint no faka ain't nobody finna stop my shine/
Ain't no telling how high I climb but as long as I'm in His will and them skills pay the bills/
It don't matter what the weather I do better under pressure so you might as well stay in line/
Cuz I always win that's 8:28 for a liar, purified flow that's fresh out the fire/
Gump on the track, running hard never tire, and I never will/
Mayne I lean on grace like a cane in a pimp hand, so I take that pain/
And the rain grow a concrete rose gotta bury that sin man, that's the only plan/
Now I live as king, cuz I serve the King, but I aint the King/
If I think I'm king, re-think some things, or I'm falling like lightning/
That pride, gotta root it up, don't juice me up, don't gas me either/
That fast lane with that flashing make it burn slow, no ether/
I seen the reaper said nice to meet ya, then I woke up, that sleep will teach ya/
That a lil slumber, lil folding of the hands, now I'm stuck up, no diva/
That's Proverbs on yo head, the truth hurts watchu gon do?/
Be wise or be fool tryna be cool, you choose

[Verse 2]
I be praying for the young boys, I be praying for the old too/
They still stuck in they old ways, they don't care about the new school/
But if you don't lead em, if you don't feed em that bread of life/
Don't talk about him cuz he on the block selling rock tryna get that better life/
That's real, ask Bizzle how that work out, no tolerance for the truth/
But you let a fake thug get up in the booth talking bout who he rape rob kill and shoot/
You aint got no problem, although it's a problem, you aint tryna solve it/
But if I get at you about it, tryna ask you about it, now you all offended talking bout how I'm judging you/
Un, the hypocrisy is disgusting, can't disagree/
You disagree that I disagree so I guess it's really you dissing me han?/
That don't even make sense, don't add up, don't equate/
On the playground back in pre-k is where I left that he say she say/
I became a man and let stupid die, wasting time getting stupid high/
Now I'm so low getting drunk in the Spirit like a 4 loco in my suit and tie/
In another world, on another level, Phil Wade flexxin on the devil/
Slingshot wit my 5 stones no armor on yea I'm rebel
Track Name: 3 AM Music
Lately I been feeling less than the best man/
Honestly, finding rest in my flesh man/
In my word everyday, and I pray/
But how do you trust God, when it's hard enough to trust man?/
Don't get me wrong, yes I love God, I do believe/
But the vision of my eyesight loves deceit/
My very nature is a mess and it loves defeat/
I hate it while I'm in love with it that's the death of me/
I keep pleading, bleeding, in this season/
Seeming there's no reason, blindness got me scheming/
Brick wall how I stall, I fall then I call/
Salt of the earth,but I needed more seasoning/
Un, timing is the most precious/
Got me feeling like I can't sleep till I'm resting/
Early morning rise, working 9 to 5/
Gotta put in family time, when they sleep, then I grind/
Cuz ain't no dream coming to reality without the feet of a visionary on the pavement/
Yea, work plus time equals power and it takes 15,000 hours just to make it/
Pro, and I ain't talking D. Minor/
It's ironic how I'm dark but I claim to be shiner/
I claim to be wiser, still making my mistakes/
I'm homeless on this earth but I wanna trade place/
Sometimes, psalm 7 1 that's a hard pill/
Living holy but I'm struggling to pay bills/
And my homie B. Mills kept it too real/Is he stealing if he keep his tithes just to get a meal?/
I told him trust God, told him God knows/
And Lord knows trusting God has been my foe/
I'm running hard but I'm climbing in slow mo/
I wanna quit but can't let it go/
I wanna sit but I gotta stand, I gotta be a man/
Write the vision so I see the plan/
I see my son watching me, wanna be what I be/
So I gotta be, ambassador in a foreign land/
Un, Poker face and I'm all in/
Double-edged sword, battling with my sin/
Perfection impossible, improvement is infinite/
So it ain't until the day I die that I really win
Track Name: First Love
[Verse 1]
How did I get here, never wanted to be here/
Not clear but I know fear was always near/
I didn't wanna lose her, didn't wanna refuse her/
So I did anything she asked me/
But it never fulfilled, it was just a feel/
Filling for the moment, but it never was real/
Now I'm so empty, Lord I'm so empty/
Numb to the world that's a feeling that's so iLL/
Can you tell me who can put together broken hearts/
Who can make me new, mayne I need a new start/
Pain in my soul I just gotta be free/
She ain't no good so she gotta leave me/

She ain't never she ain't never been good for me/
And she ain't never been, no, she ain't never been, no/
All she ever wanna do is see me cry, see me die/
I don't know why, I don't know why/
So I'm running running running back to my first love yea/
So I'm running running running back to my first love yea/

[Verse 2]
Thought that I could handle the way she do things/
I was a player who got played/
Thought that I could handle the way her mood swings/
She had me walking around cray/
Afterwhile life was a dream, death was my king/
Come to find out she was death's queen/
That's a death ring, what a death scene/
I was living just to die, on death's team/
Sick of the cycle I'm breaking free/
You ain't make me, you ain't making me, you ain't breaking me/
I no longer will believe ya lies/
This ain't love, you want me to die
Track Name: I Go
[Verse 1]
I got this fire deep inside, I grow tired tryna hide/
O so weary when they near me they don't hear me they don't feel me but I'm fishing/
Un, so unafraid, never been afraid/
So unashamed, never been ashamed, 116 is the mission/
Boy I'm like turn up!/
These feigns feign for that hard white/
He from the hood, that hard life/
She smoking on dat crack pipe/
Tryna be a light where aint no light/
Tryna breathe life where ain't no life/
Where I see em at is where you see me at/
Where you see me at is where they need me at, Lord!/

Everywhere I see em at, I GO

[Verse 2]
Yea it's faith talk, till the rain comes, faith walk till the fame comes/
Praise me, don't judge, I'm just doing my thang cuz/
Meanwhile the whole body hurting, young queens on molly twerking/
They will become who they imitate, if we don't lead em, if we don't give em this truth/
I'm sick to my stomach, it's Kingdom, not kingdoms/
They loving that money/
So I'm out cher, cuz it ain't clear, who really real, who really fake/
Man I'm in the race, tryna keep the faith/
Man I need His grace, tryna see His face, Lord!/