Prodigal Prince

by Calvin Martyr

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Grace is realized when grace is received. The Prodigal has come home.


released September 2, 2016


all rights reserved



Calvin Martyr Killeen, Texas

An artist unafraid to say what you are thinking. I aim to provide daily inspiration that sparks worship of the MOST HIGH.. Living under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY.

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Track Name: So Be It

I go fighting in a cave, just to kill the monster/
I go deep in the lagoon, if we gotta take it farther/
He the father of them lies, so he ain't got a father/
They ask me how far will I go, if I gotta be a martyr! So be it.

You can have all the money, just give me Jesus (Amen!)/
You can have all the fame, just give me Jesus (Amen!)/
You can have all the women, just give me Jesus (Amen!)/
And if that mean that I lose everythang, so be it!/


I met alot of homies ain't really bout it/
In it for the money fame and the power/
Pimping the church but don't wanna be ours/
Label me Christian, won't get me to cower/
Talk about God but so vague with the message/
If you gon deny Him say it wit ya chest/
I'll proudly proclaim the one who gave me breath/
It's Jesus the Christ, cursed be the rest/
All other gods are graven images/
Good for the fire but not to save a man/
Non-believing is so temporary/
Till you die and then you gotta pay for sin/
What ever happened to being authentic?/
Whatever happened to Christ being in it?/
My gift will prolly make room for me/
But the power's in the Gospel presented/
Hypostatic on a chiropractic mission/
Cuz He put us on His back and said it's finished/
Rose gold on a tombstone/
Yea you fresh to death, when yo body's risen/
What can man do if my soul straight?/
Live that fast life, yea the Seoul way/
I won't fold fake or forego faith/
I just role play what the Lord say/
Blood rushing to my head, that's a cold play on a cold day/
They say repping His name might make me OJ on a June day/
But I'm running anyway, truth is on my side, death is by design, and I'm down to die/
Red rova send the real over yea they drawing lines time to choose a side!/


I go fighting in a cave, just to kill the monster/
I go deep in the lagoon, if we gotta take it farther/
He the father of them lies, so he ain't got a father/
They ask me how far will I go, if I gotta be a martyr! So be it./

You can have all the money, just give me Jesus (Amen!)/
You can have all the fame, just give me Jesus (Amen!)/
You can have all the women, just give me Jesus (Amen!)/
And if that mean that I lose everythang, so be it!/
Track Name: How I Do It

They ask me how I do it?!/
I tell em it's Holy Ghost/
That fire shut in my bones/
I can't contain it, no I can't contain it, I do it/
Anybody can come and get it/
Whole squad running wit it, We ain't never changing, no we never changing
I do it!/
I tell em it's Holy Ghost/
That fire shut in my bones/
I can't contain it, no I can't contain it
I do it!/
Anybody can come and get it/
Whole squad running wit it/
We ain't never changing, no we never changing/


They see the passion and then they be asking why I be on 10 every time/
I tell em that I been forgiven I used to go hard I go harder for God/
Tomorrow's not promised so while I'm alive I'll make sure that I'll building my legacy/
The problem wit y'all is you think you got time, time is more precious than money to me/
Feeling urgency all in my soul, no point in living if I never grow/
That Holy Spirit showing me the truth, but you don't read ya Bible you don't know/
I ain't judging I'm just talking witcha, want the power but ain't talking wit Him/
I ain't tryna be the best rapper, just the rapper that be walking wit Him/
Early morning when I'm rising, no prayer no surviving/
They can say a whole lot, but never when I'm arriving/
Favor on me like a trench coat, got me flooding out my fish boat/
He ain't never say think about it, all he ever said is GO
Track Name: War Cry
Live from the gutter, just spilled blood in the jungle/
Might gouge out my eyes so they don't cause me to stumble/
Y'all be saying that I am, but I don't think that I'm humble/
I'd be way more content, with not doing no numbers/
If I ever go to sleep I'm just a Grizzly in slumber/
That mean I'm acting, I wake up for hunger/
Mocking with my wings, fire in my ring/
If you see the beam, that's me giving you sweet dreams/
Peep the synergy when you see me with my team/
Young OG, but when you see me I'm Young King/
Pen OD, that's dope lines for young feens/
One sixteen will get me at least fifteen/
They wanna put me in a cell, that's a living hell/
Felonies and parole fees, now I gotta sell/
They don't take cash, cuz I'm money to em in jail/
Let me be free, fiscally, that's a bad sell/

Kinda flow that get you locked down for speaking up/
Pull up in a silver colored truck, I be creeping up/
They don't even see me till I'm all up in they alleyway/
Fresh cut, blue chucks, talking bout the Cali way/
I'm really believing you bearing demons/
And we be feeding cuz we idolizing defeating the reason/
Treason in the seasoning of the earth, no wonder why slavery, still exists/
Poverty, makes animals out of kings/
I be seeing it, the fake y'all still believing it/
Receiving it, breathing it, eating it, now you being it, you a fraud/
Fear the only one who can kill ya, that's GOD/
Can't throw rocks at the sun, it's too far/
Red herrings got you declaring that Luciferean/
Red wearing now you declaring that you don't care to live/
Gather up the people and build it like it's the Brooklyn Bridge/
Would you curse God if ISIS, came and took ya kids?/

If you really bout it you'll die for em/
He who can't be named got em shaking they wand for em/
But I say a prayer, supernova gon shine on em/
Spirit of Elijah, I'm just holding the time for em/
Blind guides leading blind eyes, they spit on these black lives/
But we so rooted that it's no movement without the melanin/
Negro, spiritual leader, that much is evident/
Tryna free people that can't even vote for president/
Living in the matrix, basic, the enslavement/
If I get yo mind then I, control yo body/
Internet pimping, you slipping if you ain't get it/
You either being used or useful to the mission/
Fresh In Christ, that better life, seven eleven dice/
1st class economy, same plane, a better flight/
Death is the ending, I'm painting the climax/
They might kill a man tomorrow and only in IMAX/

Don't relax to relapse, stay vigilant, militant/
Innocent isn't any man who's ever lived, or ever will/
Praying you see how better feel, Lord is my Shepherd/
You only see my eyes in the dark like a leapard/
Bad skin you in sin, like a leper/
Miriam when you mirror them speaking against the Blessor/
Fighting against YAHWEH isn't the way I play/
Speak what He say and let Him handle the pressure/
Track Name: Still Alive

I remember looking at myself in the mirror, I ain't see my soul/
Looking at my friends knowing they ain't wanna see me grow/
Fornicating every night but digging in a deeper hole/
Suicidal thoughts I felt like who would care to see me go/
I was in that dark place, that devil want yo heart place/
That kill em while they young cuz we don't want the King to start place/
Fill em with that poison take the hope and give em despair/
Struggled to believe in God, for death I wasn't prepared/
But then one day I stepped into the light, had an epiphany/
Angels singing celebrating life playing the symphony/
I ain't gotta cry no more, I ain't gotta die no more/
I know who I belong to and I ain't trying to hide no more/


I done seen the mountains, I done seen the lows/
I done faced death many times before/
But I'm still alive/
Yea I'm still alive/
And no I don't deserve it but I thank God for His grace/
Shulda been dead but His son died in my place/
So I'm still alive/
Yea I'm still alive/


Un, and I love that feeling, post up in the hood let all y'all feel it/
Anybody can get it, no I ain't from the block, but I'm cut from the cloth/
To go hard with the Rock, never stop/
Till my soul separate from my inner/
I remember when my best friend died, swerved crashed head first into a burban/
I remember being in Iraq and them bombs going off, man I'm thankful for certain/
Cuz I'm living, and I'm breathing, and the reason, is beyond me/
So I'm living everyday like I might die today, somewhere spitting truth is where you'll find me/
Understand why I'm passionate cuz I'm still alive yea I'm still alive/
Cuz I shulda died so many times, shulda died so many times/
Man I wish I could take it all back, wish I could go back make it all better/
All the hearts that I broke, all the lies that I told, please take the pain before my heart explode!/
Track Name: Dead Man Walking
I'm a dead man walking/
Shulda died, I'm a dead man walking/
John Coffey, dead man walking/
No fear I'm a dead man walking/


Smoking on dat kill, I was breathing out death/
Knew that God was real, but I blended with the best/
Heart beating fast while I'm jiggin on dat X/
Russian Roulette every time I had sex/
Gun in my waste band, walking through the waste land/
I was such a waste man, now I am a grace man/
Stared death in the face, old me replaced and/
Now I run the race wit the pace of a pace man/
Get it? That mean I live it and now I'm leading/
No repeating, good slaves avoid a beating/
And I'm eating, that word is all I'm needing/
And I'm feeding, like broccoli to a vegan/
When you remember where you come from, you never turn/
I'm on my soul glow, shout out to big perm/
Laughing at the enemy like you never learned?/
Enemies of the King will forever burn

I'm a dead man walking/
Shulda died, I'm a dead man walking/
John Coffey, dead man walking/
No fear I'm a dead man walking/


I never knew a realer feeling than the Spirit hitting/
That power in me got me feeling like it's true religion/
I hit a knee I'm powered up, that's how I'm pluggin in it/
I'm Bobby Buschea, I'm coming and it's no defending/
I needed Gospel truth when I was deep up in my sinning/
I still need the same truth everyday I'm living/
No positivity has ever brought me true conviction/
I'm on that 116, guess I'm power trippin/
It's a tragedy the apathy and acquiescence/
They don't wanna be offending so they switch the message/
Dumb it down if you really wanna be effective/
If they preach another doctrine then I must reject it/
If the shoe fits wear it, but I still love ya/
If I won't speak truth, I ain't real brotha/
I got homies right now need that real life/
I can't tell em keep hope alive without giving Christ/
Track Name: Ballad Of A Young King
It feels so good to be a young king/
Even King Tut got buried wit his rings/
I ain't tryna build a legacy of gold bricks/
I'm tryna free all of the slaves, yea a whole ship/
They ask me what you wanna be? I tell em transatlantic/
You gotta get the resource and feed the whole planet/
Now that's pimping at it's finest your highness/
Bow down to the system or mine it/
Now mind this as I control the X factor/
I get the youth all on my side, that's that next factor/
Y'all talk about em but no investments, mo questions/
We sick and tired of yo professions, mo blessings/
My soul essence like I been here before peasants/
I learned lessons, give the game to the contestants/
Now that's life if you playing better play to win/
High stakes or Bill Gates you dying in the end/
Seventy-two inches on top of you unstoppable/
You leave that hearse, you down to earth, and they've forgotten you/
Yo spirit living for eternity you know it's true/
That's why you got that burning question that's concerning you/
What is the meaning of existence? What's the goal in life?/
Is it Buddha, Muhammed, Confucius, or is it Christ?/
Now that's a price you cannot pay if you don't get it right/
That narrow way is so much harder, but it leads to light/
Open yo eyes I prescribe you a new vision/
I'm soul fishing, Hercules D.I.D. mission/
I dove in it and I came out a god-man/
No I ain't talking hypostatic, talking God's plan/
Overstand me, I was freed by a scarred face/
Now tell me how that Psalm 24 and 9 taste/
See while y'all giving all the glory to the underboss/
I'm tryna Liu Kang the game with that Pentecost/
It's no denying that I'm spitting but it feels different/
Yo misconceptions ran into a rapping real Christian/
The way I'm pitching like somebody on the field missing/
Slow it down H-Town, yea I'm still tippin/
And I never been more focused, like I scope the flow/
Assassinate my destination, guess they'll never know/
It's mind blowing, but you gotta chop the head first/
Yea I'm renewing yo mind till yo legs work/
Now you marching in an army full of exes/
No it don't even really matter what yo plex is/
Just understand that you forgiven, I must stress this/
You in the world but you not of it, it's like Texas/
Don't make me annex and take my whole clan wit me/
They carry orders like they tryna make the band wit me/
And every one of them a killa, I ain't gotta speak/
Just watch yo mouth and watch yo tone if you tryna reach/
Put some respek on my name, I won't say it twice/
If you a dime I ain't tryna die I got a wife/
And she my queen, I'll do anything to make her happy/
Just as long as she know first I gotta please my Daddy/
I got the Angel of The Lord and a broad sword/
Spiritually I'm fighting wars finding right chords/
Yea I'm using all my gifts just to glorify Him/
Ballad of a young king, like I'm Josiah/
Track Name: Warrior

I feel Him calling me I'm running from it, I ain't worthy to do nothing for Him/
War time I'm hiding out, cowardly my better form/
Enemy coming I'm fearing more, don't be afraid I am The Lord/
When I heard it man I hit the floor, in His presence fullness of joy/
Rose up with a confidence, and the promise that He's always with me/
Failure isn't even possible, the God I serve unstoppable/
I'm doubting my doubts, I'm walking in faith, I'm trusting His plans, I'm seeking His face/
I'm running the race till I got a glorified body and I'm in a heavenly place/


Army rising you hear us coming, all He needs is a few faithful/
Many came and many fled, we still building cuz He's able/
Calling all my Joshua's, calling all my Gideon's/
Strong or weak, just stay meek and victory is imminent/
Resurrection power working, authority in Christ Jesus/
No demon, no soothsayer, no warlock, no witch either/
Conquerer, more than one, by myself I'm more than one/
Angels wit at my command, I speak the Word they get it done/
Promise that's my steelo, sin left me Ceelo/
Out my mind in a dark place, then I met my hero/
Even if I'm struggling, I'm holding on, I'm pressing in/
My God He promised me that in the end we gon win!/