3 AM Music

from by Calvin Martyr



Lately I been feeling less than the best man/
Honestly, finding rest in my flesh man/
In my word everyday, and I pray/
But how do you trust God, when it's hard enough to trust man?/
Don't get me wrong, yes I love God, I do believe/
But the vision of my eyesight loves deceit/
My very nature is a mess and it loves defeat/
I hate it while I'm in love with it that's the death of me/
I keep pleading, bleeding, in this season/
Seeming there's no reason, blindness got me scheming/
Brick wall how I stall, I fall then I call/
Salt of the earth,but I needed more seasoning/
Un, timing is the most precious/
Got me feeling like I can't sleep till I'm resting/
Early morning rise, working 9 to 5/
Gotta put in family time, when they sleep, then I grind/
Cuz ain't no dream coming to reality without the feet of a visionary on the pavement/
Yea, work plus time equals power and it takes 15,000 hours just to make it/
Pro, and I ain't talking D. Minor/
It's ironic how I'm dark but I claim to be shiner/
I claim to be wiser, still making my mistakes/
I'm homeless on this earth but I wanna trade place/
Sometimes, psalm 7 1 that's a hard pill/
Living holy but I'm struggling to pay bills/
And my homie B. Mills kept it too real/Is he stealing if he keep his tithes just to get a meal?/
I told him trust God, told him God knows/
And Lord knows trusting God has been my foe/
I'm running hard but I'm climbing in slow mo/
I wanna quit but can't let it go/
I wanna sit but I gotta stand, I gotta be a man/
Write the vision so I see the plan/
I see my son watching me, wanna be what I be/
So I gotta be, ambassador in a foreign land/
Un, Poker face and I'm all in/
Double-edged sword, battling with my sin/
Perfection impossible, improvement is infinite/
So it ain't until the day I die that I really win


from Martyrism, released March 11, 2014
Produced by: 5 Star Beatz


all rights reserved



Calvin Martyr Killeen, Texas

An artist unafraid to say what you are thinking. I am WE. YHWH is my God.

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