Ballad Of A Young King

from by Calvin Martyr

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It feels so good to be a young king/
Even King Tut got buried wit his rings/
I ain't tryna build a legacy of gold bricks/
I'm tryna free all of the slaves, yea a whole ship/
They ask me what you wanna be? I tell em transatlantic/
You gotta get the resource and feed the whole planet/
Now that's pimping at it's finest your highness/
Bow down to the system or mine it/
Now mind this as I control the X factor/
I get the youth all on my side, that's that next factor/
Y'all talk about em but no investments, mo questions/
We sick and tired of yo professions, mo blessings/
My soul essence like I been here before peasants/
I learned lessons, give the game to the contestants/
Now that's life if you playing better play to win/
High stakes or Bill Gates you dying in the end/
Seventy-two inches on top of you unstoppable/
You leave that hearse, you down to earth, and they've forgotten you/
Yo spirit living for eternity you know it's true/
That's why you got that burning question that's concerning you/
What is the meaning of existence? What's the goal in life?/
Is it Buddha, Muhammed, Confucius, or is it Christ?/
Now that's a price you cannot pay if you don't get it right/
That narrow way is so much harder, but it leads to light/
Open yo eyes I prescribe you a new vision/
I'm soul fishing, Hercules D.I.D. mission/
I dove in it and I came out a god-man/
No I ain't talking hypostatic, talking God's plan/
Overstand me, I was freed by a scarred face/
Now tell me how that Psalm 24 and 9 taste/
See while y'all giving all the glory to the underboss/
I'm tryna Liu Kang the game with that Pentecost/
It's no denying that I'm spitting but it feels different/
Yo misconceptions ran into a rapping real Christian/
The way I'm pitching like somebody on the field missing/
Slow it down H-Town, yea I'm still tippin/
And I never been more focused, like I scope the flow/
Assassinate my destination, guess they'll never know/
It's mind blowing, but you gotta chop the head first/
Yea I'm renewing yo mind till yo legs work/
Now you marching in an army full of exes/
No it don't even really matter what yo plex is/
Just understand that you forgiven, I must stress this/
You in the world but you not of it, it's like Texas/
Don't make me annex and take my whole clan wit me/
They carry orders like they tryna make the band wit me/
And every one of them a killa, I ain't gotta speak/
Just watch yo mouth and watch yo tone if you tryna reach/
Put some respek on my name, I won't say it twice/
If you a dime I ain't tryna die I got a wife/
And she my queen, I'll do anything to make her happy/
Just as long as she know first I gotta please my Daddy/
I got the Angel of The Lord and a broad sword/
Spiritually I'm fighting wars finding right chords/
Yea I'm using all my gifts just to glorify Him/
Ballad of a young king, like I'm Josiah/


from Prodigal Prince, released September 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Calvin Martyr Austin, Texas

Calvin Martyr is an innovative & transcendent Christian Rapper. He has solidified himself as one of the premier lyricists in the live music capital of the world. Martyr's rap opus brings the light of the Lord to dedicated fans of the genre, mixing styles while simultaneously covering a variety of topics situated near the concept of faith, earnestly investigating the struggles that lead to it. ... more

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