Ballad Of A Young King

from by Calvin Martyr

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It feels so good to be a young king/
Even King Tut got buried wit his rings/
I ain't tryna build a legacy of gold bricks/
I'm tryna free all of the slaves, yea a whole ship/
They ask me what you wanna be? I tell em transatlantic/
You gotta get the resource and feed the whole planet/
Now that's pimping at it's finest your highness/
Bow down to the system or mine it/
Now mind this as I control the X factor/
I get the youth all on my side, that's that next factor/
Y'all talk about em but no investments, mo questions/
We sick and tired of yo professions, mo blessings/
My soul essence like I been here before peasants/
I learned lessons, give the game to the contestants/
Now that's life if you playing better play to win/
High stakes or Bill Gates you dying in the end/
Seventy-two inches on top of you unstoppable/
You leave that hearse, you down to earth, and they've forgotten you/
Yo spirit living for eternity you know it's true/
That's why you got that burning question that's concerning you/
What is the meaning of existence? What's the goal in life?/
Is it Buddha, Muhammed, Confucius, or is it Christ?/
Now that's a price you cannot pay if you don't get it right/
That narrow way is so much harder, but it leads to light/
Open yo eyes I prescribe you a new vision/
I'm soul fishing, Hercules D.I.D. mission/
I dove in it and I came out a god-man/
No I ain't talking hypostatic, talking God's plan/
Overstand me, I was freed by a scarred face/
Now tell me how that Psalm 24 and 9 taste/
See while y'all giving all the glory to the underboss/
I'm tryna Liu Kang the game with that Pentecost/
It's no denying that I'm spitting but it feels different/
Yo misconceptions ran into a rapping real Christian/
The way I'm pitching like somebody on the field missing/
Slow it down H-Town, yea I'm still tippin/
And I never been more focused, like I scope the flow/
Assassinate my destination, guess they'll never know/
It's mind blowing, but you gotta chop the head first/
Yea I'm renewing yo mind till yo legs work/
Now you marching in an army full of exes/
No it don't even really matter what yo plex is/
Just understand that you forgiven, I must stress this/
You in the world but you not of it, it's like Texas/
Don't make me annex and take my whole clan wit me/
They carry orders like they tryna make the band wit me/
And every one of them a killa, I ain't gotta speak/
Just watch yo mouth and watch yo tone if you tryna reach/
Put some respek on my name, I won't say it twice/
If you a dime I ain't tryna die I got a wife/
And she my queen, I'll do anything to make her happy/
Just as long as she know first I gotta please my Daddy/
I got the Angel of The Lord and a broad sword/
Spiritually I'm fighting wars finding right chords/
Yea I'm using all my gifts just to glorify Him/
Ballad of a young king, like I'm Josiah/


from Prodigal Prince, released September 2, 2016


all rights reserved



Calvin Martyr Killeen, Texas

An artist unafraid to say what you are thinking. I am WE. YHWH is my God.

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