Deranged ft. Mr. OMG

from by Calvin Martyr



You have now entered inside of my brain, I am no longer the same, you'll be the same/
Cuz padna I carry this flame, if you get close, ashes is all that remains/
I'm taking it der, already been der, I promise this isn't a game/
I'm only concerned about repping the name, new kinda animal can not be tamed/
He was crucified, then death died, that's superfly amen/
Now I'm free indeed, never willl believe that stupid lie again/
No more fear in me, ima speak the truth and I hope you take offense/
Cuz I'm Babe Ruth in the 9th inning, swinging for the fence/
This is what you call a spaz out, breakout from a madhouse/
I'm tired of all these actors, suburbs wit a trap house/
Real man who loves God and goes hard, I'm bout dat/
And I ain't gotta speak, see my back is where my cross at

They say that I'm deranged, I be acting kinda strange, but it's one thing I know they know fasho
They can talk about me, persecute me, still won't douse my flame, cuz from now until I take my last breath
Mayne I'm going in (I'm going in) I'm going in (I'm going in)
I'm going in (I'm going in) I'm going in (I'm going in)
Mayne I'm going in (I'm going in) I'm going in (I'm going in)
I'm going in (I'm going in), I REP THE NAME

[Verse 2]
Please believe me when I say, that I'm serious, and if you curious/
Yea I'm furious, they ain't hearing us, but that ends today/
Cuz I'm snapping off like an alligator in an elevator getting elevated/
I advise you, you'd be a wise dude if you just get outta my way/
Cuz I just let that truth bang, Jesus the true King/
Combat I'm out cher, Lou Cain and butane/
Call that a flamethrow, baptized now you slain/
Rise like a Phoenix, so clean that new mayne/
Suited up and booted up, dat red ink I'm all in/
All praise to Yahweh, there's no way I can't win/
Bang Bang on the front line, no punch line datz real rap/
Obama to Osama to yo mama they feel dat


from Martyrism, released March 11, 2014
Produced by: Myke J Beatz


all rights reserved



Calvin Martyr Killeen, Texas

An artist unafraid to say what you are thinking. I am WE. YHWH is my God.

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