Journey ft. Matthew Rischer x Conscience

from by Calvin Martyr



Un, walking life in my bare feet/
Faith in the fire cuz the fire will prepare me/
Burn off the dross now that loss repaired me/
O to behold the unity of a pair three/
Never scared, young David to a bear/
A lion, and if I'm lying tell Delilah cut my hair/
My bias is to be pious, but they say that isn't fair/
Now it's death in my breath, and vanity in the air/
Mayne I'm, suffocating, no longer abdicating/
Cuz my silence is a non violent co-sign wit Satan/
And I'm, tired of faking, yea I'm, tired of waiting/
Gun tongue full of love, I'm aiming it all at hatred/
Know they don't wanna play this, you don't know what my aim is/
Light a torch, I'm giving new freedom to all the brainless/
They will never contain this, cuz I won't fear/
Nobody who kills the body, my Father commands the angels

I'm on this journey
And I cant quit though it hurts me
And I may not be deserving
But My Father has made me worthy
For this journey

Feel like, Martin in 63, Malcolm in 65/
Black Kennedy, top down when I'm in my ride/
While they aiming for my head, look em in the eyes/
Yea they crucified my Lord, this is no surprise/
Grace in this race in the face of disgrace/
No setting pace, running like a slave to a place/
Where I see my face, and a whole liberated race/
Murdering the racism, more assimilation/
I will not conform to the norm, in my unborn form/
I was formed to reform, so I light it up/
Mayne I see change in my range, yea it may seem strange/
Cuz you never seen rain, watch me float by/
There has never been a revolution with no visionary/
People die for the lack of sight like a blind flight/
Pilot, but I'm Ezekiel in the midst of hell/
Brightening of a lightning when the devil fell


from Martyrism, released March 11, 2014
Produced by: Flawless Tracks


all rights reserved



Calvin Martyr Killeen, Texas

An artist unafraid to say what you are thinking. I am WE. YHWH is my God.

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