Journey ft. Matthew Rischer x Conscience

from by Calvin Martyr

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Un, walking life in my bare feet/
Faith in the fire cuz the fire will prepare me/
Burn off the dross now that loss repaired me/
O to behold the unity of a pair three/
Never scared, young David to a bear/
A lion, and if I'm lying tell Delilah cut my hair/
My bias is to be pious, but they say that isn't fair/
Now it's death in my breath, and vanity in the air/
Mayne I'm, suffocating, no longer abdicating/
Cuz my silence is a non violent co-sign wit Satan/
And I'm, tired of faking, yea I'm, tired of waiting/
Gun tongue full of love, I'm aiming it all at hatred/
Know they don't wanna play this, you don't know what my aim is/
Light a torch, I'm giving new freedom to all the brainless/
They will never contain this, cuz I won't fear/
Nobody who kills the body, my Father commands the angels

I'm on this journey
And I cant quit though it hurts me
And I may not be deserving
But My Father has made me worthy
For this journey

Feel like, Martin in 63, Malcolm in 65/
Black Kennedy, top down when I'm in my ride/
While they aiming for my head, look em in the eyes/
Yea they crucified my Lord, this is no surprise/
Grace in this race in the face of disgrace/
No setting pace, running like a slave to a place/
Where I see my face, and a whole liberated race/
Murdering the racism, more assimilation/
I will not conform to the norm, in my unborn form/
I was formed to reform, so I light it up/
Mayne I see change in my range, yea it may seem strange/
Cuz you never seen rain, watch me float by/
There has never been a revolution with no visionary/
People die for the lack of sight like a blind flight/
Pilot, but I'm Ezekiel in the midst of hell/
Brightening of a lightning when the devil fell


from Martyrism, released March 11, 2014
Produced by: Flawless Tracks



all rights reserved


Calvin Martyr Austin, Texas

Calvin Martyr is an innovative & transcendent Christian Rapper. He has solidified himself as one of the premier lyricists in the live music capital of the world. Martyr's rap opus brings the light of the Lord to dedicated fans of the genre, mixing styles while simultaneously covering a variety of topics situated near the concept of faith, earnestly investigating the struggles that lead to it. ... more

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