Wake Up

from by Calvin Martyr

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Wake up homie, that sleep will kill ya/
It's grind or die, that time will fly, life won't fulfill ya/
You gon learn today, better get to work/
You gon get this work, gon get this work, better wake up homie!

[Verse 1]
I been grinding I been pressing I been praying I been seeking and I'm really feeling like it's my time/
Ain't no devil ain't no demon aint no hata aint no faka ain't nobody finna stop my shine/
Ain't no telling how high I climb but as long as I'm in His will and them skills pay the bills/
It don't matter what the weather I do better under pressure so you might as well stay in line/
Cuz I always win that's 8:28 for a liar, purified flow that's fresh out the fire/
Gump on the track, running hard never tire, and I never will/
Mayne I lean on grace like a cane in a pimp hand, so I take that pain/
And the rain grow a concrete rose gotta bury that sin man, that's the only plan/
Now I live as king, cuz I serve the King, but I aint the King/
If I think I'm king, re-think some things, or I'm falling like lightning/
That pride, gotta root it up, don't juice me up, don't gas me either/
That fast lane with that flashing make it burn slow, no ether/
I seen the reaper said nice to meet ya, then I woke up, that sleep will teach ya/
That a lil slumber, lil folding of the hands, now I'm stuck up, no diva/
That's Proverbs on yo head, the truth hurts watchu gon do?/
Be wise or be fool tryna be cool, you choose

[Verse 2]
I be praying for the young boys, I be praying for the old too/
They still stuck in they old ways, they don't care about the new school/
But if you don't lead em, if you don't feed em that bread of life/
Don't talk about him cuz he on the block selling rock tryna get that better life/
That's real, ask Bizzle how that work out, no tolerance for the truth/
But you let a fake thug get up in the booth talking bout who he rape rob kill and shoot/
You aint got no problem, although it's a problem, you aint tryna solve it/
But if I get at you about it, tryna ask you about it, now you all offended talking bout how I'm judging you/
Un, the hypocrisy is disgusting, can't disagree/
You disagree that I disagree so I guess it's really you dissing me han?/
That don't even make sense, don't add up, don't equate/
On the playground back in pre-k is where I left that he say she say/
I became a man and let stupid die, wasting time getting stupid high/
Now I'm so low getting drunk in the Spirit like a 4 loco in my suit and tie/
In another world, on another level, Phil Wade flexxin on the devil/
Slingshot wit my 5 stones no armor on yea I'm rebel


from Martyrism, released March 11, 2014
Produced by: Flawless Tracks



all rights reserved


Calvin Martyr Austin, Texas

Calvin Martyr is an innovative & transcendent Christian Rapper. He has solidified himself as one of the premier lyricists in the live music capital of the world. Martyr's rap opus brings the light of the Lord to dedicated fans of the genre, mixing styles while simultaneously covering a variety of topics situated near the concept of faith, earnestly investigating the struggles that lead to it. ... more

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