War Cry

from by Calvin Martyr

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Live from the gutter, just spilled blood in the jungle/
Might gouge out my eyes so they don't cause me to stumble/
Y'all be saying that I am, but I don't think that I'm humble/
I'd be way more content, with not doing no numbers/
If I ever go to sleep I'm just a Grizzly in slumber/
That mean I'm acting, I wake up for hunger/
Mocking with my wings, fire in my ring/
If you see the beam, that's me giving you sweet dreams/
Peep the synergy when you see me with my team/
Young OG, but when you see me I'm Young King/
Pen OD, that's dope lines for young feens/
One sixteen will get me at least fifteen/
They wanna put me in a cell, that's a living hell/
Felonies and parole fees, now I gotta sell/
They don't take cash, cuz I'm money to em in jail/
Let me be free, fiscally, that's a bad sell/

Kinda flow that get you locked down for speaking up/
Pull up in a silver colored truck, I be creeping up/
They don't even see me till I'm all up in they alleyway/
Fresh cut, blue chucks, talking bout the Cali way/
I'm really believing you bearing demons/
And we be feeding cuz we idolizing defeating the reason/
Treason in the seasoning of the earth, no wonder why slavery, still exists/
Poverty, makes animals out of kings/
I be seeing it, the fake y'all still believing it/
Receiving it, breathing it, eating it, now you being it, you a fraud/
Fear the only one who can kill ya, that's GOD/
Can't throw rocks at the sun, it's too far/
Red herrings got you declaring that Luciferean/
Red wearing now you declaring that you don't care to live/
Gather up the people and build it like it's the Brooklyn Bridge/
Would you curse God if ISIS, came and took ya kids?/

If you really bout it you'll die for em/
He who can't be named got em shaking they wand for em/
But I say a prayer, supernova gon shine on em/
Spirit of Elijah, I'm just holding the time for em/
Blind guides leading blind eyes, they spit on these black lives/
But we so rooted that it's no movement without the melanin/
Negro, spiritual leader, that much is evident/
Tryna free people that can't even vote for president/
Living in the matrix, basic, the enslavement/
If I get yo mind then I, control yo body/
Internet pimping, you slipping if you ain't get it/
You either being used or useful to the mission/
Fresh In Christ, that better life, seven eleven dice/
1st class economy, same plane, a better flight/
Death is the ending, I'm painting the climax/
They might kill a man tomorrow and only in IMAX/

Don't relax to relapse, stay vigilant, militant/
Innocent isn't any man who's ever lived, or ever will/
Praying you see how better feel, Lord is my Shepherd/
You only see my eyes in the dark like a leapard/
Bad skin you in sin, like a leper/
Miriam when you mirror them speaking against the Blessor/
Fighting against YAHWEH isn't the way I play/
Speak what He say and let Him handle the pressure/


from Prodigal Prince, released September 2, 2016


all rights reserved



Calvin Martyr Killeen, Texas

An artist unafraid to say what you are thinking. I am WE. YHWH is my God.

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