War Of The Mind

from by Calvin Martyr



Free your mind from its mental imprisonment/
If you dead up in yo head then yo death is so imminent/
Similac music, feed tube speaker/
Think like Hitler, speak like a preacher/
Hope that I reach ya, renovate ya mindset/
A strong mind is like the Big Ivan bomb set/
Cause a rector scale that oscillates in hell/
I bear fruit, this is show and tell/
It's a warfare boy are you strong or you weak?/
All the in between, fence riding people get beat/
I get hungry by the second so I'm steady tryna eat/
And all my enemies looking like high-quality meat/
If you weak minded, you are enslaved to ya own/
A prisoner of war, like gladiators in Rome/
What I'm talking bout is spiritual, Romans 7:23/
I trend set gospel, you are just a mini me/
You ain't even kin to me, even though you claim to be/
I prolly am a fame to be, but I don't even wanna be/
Humbly I come to thee, emptying my entity/
Running to the Lord like 50 million centipedes/
Right about now the Holy Spirit is drenching me/
I'm in it just to win it, it really ain't no defending me/
Gather up the people like them folk be at them lynchings/
It breaks my heart to see my people dancing wit the enemy/
Tap into the power to change, get off complain lane/
Wasting time puffing strange thangs/
I used to do them same strange thangs/
Till my mind broke free, now I speak un-mundane/
I am not of this world, subatomic/
Getting stronger every day, anabolic/
I'm a strong cold stare, even in a frolic/
Steal yo soul for the Lord, Ben Roeth it/
Corner pocket pool ball, in a pool hall/
Lenny Kravitz to a beginner is how I school y'all/
Really ain't no fun to be ignorant, that ain't kool y'all/
Pick up ya Bible and start reading before you do fall/
I bet you thought you were kool up in the mall Paul/
Right until you got Pierced, made yo faith fall/
But you gotta take hold of ya fortitude/
Make em think that you done turned into another dude/
Now let me get back on my beast mode, cheat code/
Up Up right left, easy as a free throw/
Never use ink, I just speak what I think/
So the thoughts that I speak, never ever get leaked/
On the brink of a debased mind like a meth head/
Pride in my mind all the time, that's a death bed/
Man I'm so tired of these chains/
All I know is things gotta change



from Martyrism, released March 11, 2014
Produced by: Jungle


all rights reserved



Calvin Martyr Killeen, Texas

An artist unafraid to say what you are thinking. I am WE. YHWH is my God.

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