Work ft. Chill FBC

from by Calvin Martyr

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[Verse 1]
I serve a King that lived perfect, so working became my service/
But no working that I purpose could ever become deserving/
Shulda died like Ervin, I'm alive unnerving/
I'm high without herbin, in my mind I'm swerving/
So I grind till I'm literally suffocating for breath/
Christ's death was the atonement, I'm a product of the rest/
Not the best, hate my flesh, I can't sleep, I can't rest/
Internally I'm battling like cultural east west/
Keep my eye on grace till I see wit new vision/
That's the liberation and restoration we call redemption/
Condemnation is irrelevant, that's a heavenly pension/
Not saying just keep on sinning, I'm saying we always winning/
Like Mayweather in any weather we make it hurt/
Whole armor on, fiery darts, call it dessert/
In a power zone, demonic presence is getting murked/
Jesus said when He left, that we would do greater works/

When I wake up in the morning boy you know I'm bout dat work/
Hit my knees crack my Bible yea I'm bout to put in work/
James 2:17 yea I'm all about dat work/
Being scared ain't the reason I'm in church/
So we work work work, everyday we on a mission/
Mayne we work work work, yea we bout our Father's business/
Lay our life on the line, we dying if we lying/
We rep the Lion that's the reason we be grindin'/

[Verse 2]
We in the last of dayz, this a revelation praise/
Crazy is what they be calling me, insane's the way I play/
Cuz you gotta be a radical, believing the intangible/
Irrational when it comes to taking part in the faith/
No child's play homie, better be ready to die/
If my best life is now, what's a mansion in the sky/
That's fool gold, very sweet is the bread of a lie/
Christ said pick up ya cross, follow me and lose ya life/
Social martyr, I go harder, like a wolf in the wilderness/
Compassion is what I'm feeling for the children of ignorance/
Artificial intelligence is cultivating dependence/
Mayne freedom of the mind will get you a life sentence/
Don't come around here if you ain't really bout dat life/
In a room full of darkness, you can not hide the light/
That's the fruit of the spirit, we call it sunny delight/
The battle's already won, so this ain't really a fight


from Martyrism, released March 11, 2014
Produced by: Flawless Tracks



all rights reserved


Calvin Martyr Austin, Texas

Calvin Martyr is an innovative & transcendent Christian Rapper. He has solidified himself as one of the premier lyricists in the live music capital of the world. Martyr's rap opus brings the light of the Lord to dedicated fans of the genre, mixing styles while simultaneously covering a variety of topics situated near the concept of faith, earnestly investigating the struggles that lead to it. ... more

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