Work ft. Chill FBC

from by Calvin Martyr



[Verse 1]
I serve a King that lived perfect, so working became my service/
But no working that I purpose could ever become deserving/
Shulda died like Ervin, I'm alive unnerving/
I'm high without herbin, in my mind I'm swerving/
So I grind till I'm literally suffocating for breath/
Christ's death was the atonement, I'm a product of the rest/
Not the best, hate my flesh, I can't sleep, I can't rest/
Internally I'm battling like cultural east west/
Keep my eye on grace till I see wit new vision/
That's the liberation and restoration we call redemption/
Condemnation is irrelevant, that's a heavenly pension/
Not saying just keep on sinning, I'm saying we always winning/
Like Mayweather in any weather we make it hurt/
Whole armor on, fiery darts, call it dessert/
In a power zone, demonic presence is getting murked/
Jesus said when He left, that we would do greater works/

When I wake up in the morning boy you know I'm bout dat work/
Hit my knees crack my Bible yea I'm bout to put in work/
James 2:17 yea I'm all about dat work/
Being scared ain't the reason I'm in church/
So we work work work, everyday we on a mission/
Mayne we work work work, yea we bout our Father's business/
Lay our life on the line, we dying if we lying/
We rep the Lion that's the reason we be grindin'/

[Verse 2]
We in the last of dayz, this a revelation praise/
Crazy is what they be calling me, insane's the way I play/
Cuz you gotta be a radical, believing the intangible/
Irrational when it comes to taking part in the faith/
No child's play homie, better be ready to die/
If my best life is now, what's a mansion in the sky/
That's fool gold, very sweet is the bread of a lie/
Christ said pick up ya cross, follow me and lose ya life/
Social martyr, I go harder, like a wolf in the wilderness/
Compassion is what I'm feeling for the children of ignorance/
Artificial intelligence is cultivating dependence/
Mayne freedom of the mind will get you a life sentence/
Don't come around here if you ain't really bout dat life/
In a room full of darkness, you can not hide the light/
That's the fruit of the spirit, we call it sunny delight/
The battle's already won, so this ain't really a fight


from Martyrism, released March 11, 2014
Produced by: Flawless Tracks


all rights reserved



Calvin Martyr Killeen, Texas

An artist unafraid to say what you are thinking. I am WE. YHWH is my God.

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